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Decargar archivo adjunto 09 Febrero 2016 FORSTMASCHINEN_February 2016 Depth report about the PTH 1400/820 ALLROAD drum wood chipper on FORSTMASCHINEN of February 2016

Decargar archivo adjunto 09 Febrero 2016 LA STAMPA_domenica 7 febbraio 2016 Il PTH 1400/820 ALL ROAD di Pezzolato vince il PREMIO INNOVAZIONE a FIERAGRICOLA 2016.

Decargar archivo adjunto 23 Noviembre 2015 Machinery World -n.11- november 2015-special Agritechnica The self-propelled PTH 1400/820 with great maneuverability, ample visibility and a totally renewed chipping unit is a versatile machine with excellent performance.

Decargar archivo adjunto 24 Julio 2015 FORSTZEITUNG_07-15 The PEZZOLATO PTH 1400/820 ALLROAD is protagonist on the magazine special about LIGNA exhibition.

Decargar archivo adjunto 18 Junio 2015 Le Journal de la Mècanisation Forestière (may 2015) Devalay family has invested in a Pezzolato TLA 150 firewood disc processor.The TLA 150 is suitable for large productions with a single operator. The loading part, which isequipped with stop gate and shock absorbers in conjunction with a hydraulic log turner, is able tooperate in a simple way on any type of log. A special pendulum system allows loading of logs to be splitinto the two log splitters which are positioned laterally to the cutting channel, ensuring a cut-split cycleevery 4.1 seconds. The thrust force of each log splitter is 70 tons.The equipment's productivity is around 6500 m/ster year.To watching the machine working, please click the following link:

Decargar archivo adjunto 22 Mayo 2015 MAD MACCHINE AGRICOLE_MAY 2015 Heading FORESTRY EQUIPMENT:Industrial wood chippers, often mounted on trucks, are models suitable for the subcontracting, while those of smaller dimensions represent a valid support for forestry ,and maintenance of the green users. As the Pezzolato PTH 400 XL.

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