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Maxi firewood disc processor

The largest plant for the production of firewood ever made in Europe, replicated in the French department no. 42.

The basic elements are still the same:

  • Pezzolato TLC 1500 cutter-splitter machines with the control station inside an air conditioned cab from which the entire cycle will be managed: loading of logs, cutting, splitting.
  • complete automation of the cutting and splitting process: log splitter with 9 splitter grids interlocked by a robot for positioning and centring logs guaranteeing a variable length between 25 and 40 cm on output with a width no greater than 9.5 cm
  • Pezzolato PTH 700/660 electric stationary drum chipper for chipping waste and for the consequent powering of the dryer-boiler
  • screening system for the elimination of residual shavings, bark and sawdust
  • packaging into bags for mass distribution.

This time, given that there was less available space, only 2 TLC 1500 were designed instead of 3, but the production data are still as impressive in comparison to the existing system:

60,000 tons / year working 2 shifts of 7 hours each for 220 days a year

To see the plant working please click on the following link:

volver a las news

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