3 julio 2015


It's now in the testing phase the "maxi" chipper that will complement the one already delivered to the same customer in 2012. It's equipped with Caterpillar engine 12 cylinder 1150 HP and is a specific machine for dry and large diameter logs of hard essence. To watch the machine working please click the following...

26 junio 2015

Ideal machine for large contractors

It is going to be handed over to our loyal french customer a third chipper PTH 1400/1000 HACKERTRUCK serie. This chipper, set up on a SCANIA 4 axis truck with 550 hp power, is characterized by high power and performance combined with great maneuverability and versatility. These requirements make it the...

18 junio 2015

Nice birthday of the first gasifier Pezzolato: 7701 hours !!

A great birthday for the first Pezzolato gasifier. The first Pezzolato PG50 "turnkey" co-generation plant with Spanner Re2 gasification module, installed exactly one year ago on an unattended site at a Tuscan customer, has reached 7,701 hours of operation for a total of 333,841 kWh produced. Other active plants can be viewed on

4 junio 2015

The new PTH 700/660

It was presented recently the new line of "historical" Pezzolato PTH 700/660 drum wood chipper. The summary in 4 points: compactness, aggressive feeding system, chip quality, high production. You can view the machine to work at this link:

17 abril 2015

PEZZOLATO wood chipper with more than 14000 working hours!!!

It is a drum chipper mod. PTH 1000/1000 hackertruck set of trucks MAN TGS 33.540 6x4 with 540 Hp power. The French company Forest Energie that still uses this chipper, in recent years has expanded its fleet but always keeping constant their supplier Pezzolato. In fact, after the first positive...

8 abril 2015

Conference on Biomass Mobilization

The Conference on Biomass Mobilization will be held in Rome on Tuesday 19 May 2015. This Conference will be presenting in a single day and place the key results of the three large projects sponsored by the EU on the subject of energy wood supply chains for agriculture (EuroPruning Project) forestry...