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Conference on Biomass Mobilization

The Conference on Biomass Mobilization will be held in Rome on Tuesday 19 May 2015.

This Conference will be presenting in a single day and place the key results of the three large projects sponsored by the EU on the subject of energy wood supply chains for agriculture (EuroPruning Project) forestry (INFRES Project) and dedicated plantations (Logistech Project). These combined budget of these projects amounts to €15 million, and the projects gather many of the most prestigious European Institutions dealing with biomass. Pezzolato are a prominent partner in the project, and they will present the important results achieved within INFRES at the Conference in Rome.

The conference is organised by the INFRES, LogistEC and EuroPrunning projects, and supported by a range of Italian, European, American and international networks and trade associations, including:

  • International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO)
  • IEA Bioenergy Agreement Task 43 – Biomass feedstocks for energy markets,
  • US Department of Agriculture / US Forest Service
  • European Biomass Association
  • European Biomass Industry Association
  • Italian Biomass Association (Itabia)
  • Federazione Nazionale Costruttori Macchine per l’Agricoltura

We are proud that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have offered us free of charge a most convenient and prestigious venue in the heart of the eternal city.

Thanks to funding of the European Commission and the liberal support of the above partners we are able to make participation in this conference free of charge – there is no registration fee. Speakers are invited only.

You can find all the relevant information for this event by clicking on the following link:

That will lead you to the Conference Flyer, the Programme, the Info Sheet on logistics and the Conference registration.

Please notice that registration is mandatory: for security reasons, no unregistered participants will be admitted to the venue. Also please notice that the deadline for registration is Sunday 19 April 2015. In order to register, please click here:

For further information please visit the conference website or contact the lead organisers:

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