Pezzolato S.p.A. was founded in 1976 and, thanks to the quality of its products, acquires in a short time a leading position in Europe.


Three production ranges, Greenline  Redline and Compostline,, a strong vocation for mechanics which guides the projects and the construction of all machines, the attention paid to the customers’ requirements, a considerable part of the turn over invested in research and development programs are at the base of the growing success of the Company.


Today Pezzolato S.p.A., with an area of 55.000 m2 (25.000 of which under roof) and more than 130 employees, can operate with great flexibility, guaranteeing serial products solutions specially designed for meeting the customers’ requirements. These are only some of the reasons that have made Pezzolato a leading company in the European and the world markets.

The success of the company has allowed a gradual knowledge of the customers’ requirements, from small users to large agriculture and forestry companies. Therefore, Pezzolato S.p.A. has created a wide range of machines with different dimensions and performances, in order to offer the appropriate machine for every single requirement.


A well-stocked spare parts warehouse,  a computerised management of the orders, a widespread and well organised assistance network, versatile resource management guarantee a reliable and immediate after-sales service.



Know-how, Quality, Innovation, Service

Pezzolato S.p.A. has always given great importance to the issues of Quality and Sustainability, which affect every aspect of the company’s business.

At the centre of our guidelines there are always our Customers, Dealers, Suppliers and all the People working within our team. Every procedure adopted, for Quality, Environment and Safety, is an expression of the values that distinguish Pezzolato’s company philosophy, which has always been devoted to excellence manufacturing and technological innovation, to guarantee products and services that fully satisfy customers’ needs, with the utmost respect for the environment, man and his work.


Solid partnerships and continuous improvement

A corporate culture based on seriousness, quality and ethics has allowed us to build a solid and efficient network of international partnerships over the years. Our products are the result of ingenuity, experience, dedication and ongoing relationships with corporate partners who adhere to a series of strict quality control standards, respecting workers and the environment.

Continuous improvement, as a strategic goal of the company, is made possible by the continuous collection and analysis of customer feedback.


Excellent technical support services and clear market positioning

We are familiar with our customers’ needs and expectations because for almost 50 years we have been manufacturing cutting and woodworking machines and systems for major companies worldwide. Our goal is to respond to requests for project consultancy, support and technical assistance competently, quickly and in a resolute manner, thus creating solid and lasting relationships.

We have chosen to produce only high quality professional and industrial machinery and systems, and thanks to our know-how, continuous research and development, and design and production capacity, we have established a clear market position. Our network of partners and long-standing customers allows us to export around 70% of our products on a stable basis, confirming us, year by year, as one of the top players in our sector.





An efficient and steady inner R&D Department implements day by day the machines’ design and manufacturing. Pezzolato’s skilled staff follows every single step up to the machine’s delivery.




All hydraulic, electric and electronic components assembled on Pezzolato’s machines are supplied by main European manufacturers only.




A prompt technical assistance is guaranteed and performed by inner staff. Pezzolato’s skilled technicians are always available for direct assistance or to support local authorized dealers and service workshops.


Spare parts


Thanks to its large stock, Pezzolato is able to deliver any spare part directly to the customer’s plant all over the world within 24/48 hours from the request.