Discover Pezzolato's machines and industrial plants for biomass production and wood chipping, with a focus on the drum chipper. Pezzolato's Green Line chippers, manufactured entirely in Italy at the Envie factory, are positioned as leaders in their category in terms of performance, reliability, power and return on investment over time. This success is also growing steadily at an international level, thanks to the ingenuity, experience, research and know-how that characterise each Pezzolato machine. Furthermore, the company offers a fast and effective technical assistance service, which is highly appreciated by its customers. Pezzolato industrial chippers enable the production of large quantities of homogenous and calibrated wood chips, which are perfect for feeding large-scale cogeneration plants that use biomass to generate electricity and/or heat, as well as gasification plants and medium-sized heaters. Choose your next Pezzolato chipper according to the type of drive you prefer: power take-off, stand-alone engine, truck engine or electric motor. Don't forget to visit our used chippers section, where you will find interesting opportunities for your needs.

Power take off tractor

For tractors with power ranging from 70 to 500 Hp

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Autonomous motor

Engines ranging from 75 to 1050Hp

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Camion motor - HackerTRUCK

Truck engines ranging from 510 to 750 Hp

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Electric motor

For powers ranging from 55 to 450 kW

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