Pezzolato chippers with drum diameter 820 and 1000 mm can be equipped with a chips expulsion fan, hydraulically driven and with continuous speed variation.



The speed variation is one of the electronic option that the operator can set up on the chipper control display; the set speed will be kept constant by the system even when the main motor speed changes.



The possibility to adapt the rotation speed allows to increase the expulsion speed for throwing the chips far away (for example when it is necessary to load a semi-trailer from its back side because of space problems) or when the material to be processed is green, wet and inclined to mix up. Is the material clean, the reduced speed gives the best filling result, by covering all available space and without chips dispersion all around.






By reducing the expulsion fan speed to the minimum, consumption and wear of the expulsion unit are also reduced; the output product will be less fragmented and with less fines.