6 juin 2014

New service: continuous moisture measurement of wood chips

Black box control unit for the continuous monitoring of the localization, productivity, consumption and quality of the wood chips of your chipper. The "black box" control unit is an absolutely innovative device and not present on any other chipper on the market. It consists of a device that acquires the characteristic...

23 mai 2014

Maxi plant for firewood production was officially opened

Last Thursday 15th 2014, a maxi plant Pezzolato for firewood production was officially opened at Noirétable in France in the department 42. The production data are impressive: 60,000 tons / year working 2 shifts of 7 hours each for 220 days a year For more information on the complete installation and to see...

6 mai 2014

Riccardo Pezzolato intervenes in a television program

Riccardo Pezzolato intervenes in the television program COSTUME & SOCIETA' daily transmitted on RAIDUE television program about renewable energy. The search for new energy sources to make us independent from oil offers many possibilities: one is wood. To view the television service, you can click the link below:

14 avril 2014


This is a plant delivered last October to the "ENTERPRISE BOSCHIVA CHIOCCIA ADELMO "of Orvieto (TR), ideal for cutting and splitting the Mediterranean wood characterized by uneven shapes and sizes. Peculiarity of the machine is the "mobile" version specifically designed by Pezzolato for those who need to work directly in...