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Big production of firewood from mixed and irregular material

We are assembling a high production capacity installation for the preparation of firewood model TLA 13, that will be delivered in Mont Ventoux in France.

The installation has been planned for working logs with different lengths (within one and four meters) and irregular diameters.


Il gruppo di taglio TLA 13 equipaggiato con disco da 1300 mm di diametro può processare grandi fasci di materiale misto o tronchi singoli con diametri variabili fino ad un massimo di 510 mm.

The cutting unit TLA 13, equipped with a disc of 1300 mm of diameter, can process large bundles of mixed material or single logs with different diameters up to a maximum diameter of 510 mm.

All cutting operations, including the length setting, are automatic.

The lifting pusher allows to continuously feed the feeding channel also during the cutting phase, speeding up the working cycle and increasing the production capacity of the installation.

An accumulation belt in a strong electro-welded structure and with closed chain made of high- strength metal mesh transfers the cut logs to the two independent splitting stations after the cut. 


                                         Lifting pusher                                                                                               Accumulation belt

The two independent splitting stations, one with splitting force of 27 tons and the other with splitting force of 32 tons, are both equipped with a laser device for measuring the diameter of the log cut and for automatically centering the grid. Furthermore, the 32 Ton splitting station is equipped with a vertical grid with two sectors: the first is fixed with 2 + 4 + 6 folds , the second, removable for maintenance, 16 folds.


After the splitting phase the processed material will be cleaned from barks and sawdust from the cleaning rollers placed at the end of the belts for transferring the processed material.

More photos of the complete installation and the video of the installation at work will follow. 

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