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Producing firewood with flexibility and low cost is possible with Pezzolato TLK!

The market for firewood production, whether for pizzerias or for stoves and fireplaces, is terribly competitive: being able to produce from single logs of large or medium size, with a minimum of manpower makes all the difference!

Pezzolato has designed and produced an innovative “all-in-one” plant called TLK, with a chain cutting system, combined with horizontal splitting units, capable of operating in fully automatic mode, with a small “floor” footprint and low power consumption.

Launched in 2022, it quickly won the favor of the Italian and international markets, progressively gaining positions over other large plants equipped with a circular blade.

The TLK cutting unit can, in fact, process logs up to 650 mm in diameter thanks to a powerful hydraulic chainsaw solution.

Splitting activity is carried out alternately with two automatic solutions called KX and KV, which can produce firewood with programmable section.

This plant is also equipped with an automatic process for sorting log endings or logs of small diameters that do not require splitting: this is done through appropriate trapdoor (immediately after splitting). The TLK system has reduced energy absorption (depending on the type of splitting station 52 kW or 60 kW) and a cycle time automatically optimized in relation to the size of firewood to be produced.

A solution that causes great interest in the market, ensuring high productivity with a single operator.


In the video you can see a TLK650 with a combined KV700 horizontal splitting system, which produces both firewood for stoves and fireplaces and, with a quick change of settings, also wood for pizzerias. A specific optional arm is available for this version, which also makes it possible to obtain fire kindling (with a minimum section of 20 x 20 mm).


In the video you can see the “back-stage” of the latest testing stages of our latest installation in the UK: a TLK 650 with combined KX650 horizontal splitting system. Highly productive “all-in-one” solution requiring a single operator to manage the entire process.

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