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Pezzolato comes back to EIMA with an exciting number of novelties related to the Green Line (dedicated to chipping machines) and the Red Line (for firewood production). Two exhibition areas: the main stand at Hall 30 Stand A29 and a demo area at EIMA Energy.

Among the news, the number one of the Pezzolato chippers: the big and powerful ALL ROAD, in the new version, recently licensed in Italy, according to European legislation with certification for circulation up to 80 km/h. It’s featured with full touch screen control panels inside the fully lifting and shifting cabin, and the introduction of the high capacity ‘Evolution’ drum.

Another news is the PTH 1200 G, a power take-off machine (P.T.O.), for high-power tractors, up to 330 hp. This is a new model with a 660 mm diameter, a wider drum (1,200 mm), designed for professionals and contractors who need to process large quantities of brushwood, cuttings and trimmings quickly but qualitatively. The version on display at the exhibition is equipped with a hydraulic fan (optional) to improve the quality of the wood chips and the precision of their discharge, reaching easily all corners of the container.

Next novelty on the stand is the new PTH 30.50 M, the smallest and easy to handle model of the Pezzolato motor chipper range, launched in Q4 2022.
The last but not the least, the PTH 30.70 G, which well represents Pezzolato’s attention to energy market trends. A machine operating in the EIMA Energy area, set up for the production of ‘micro wood chips’: a fraction of wood chips smaller than the standard one, which is currently attracting great interest, as it is a cheaper alternative to pellets for boilers for domestic use.

Regarding firewood production machines, in the demo area, will operate another news: the TL-K 650, a complete ‘cutting and splitting’ system of small dimension, but capable of processing large logs (diameter up to 650 mm). It is equipped with an automatic process for the elimination of waste during the cutting phase, requires a limited energy supply (52 kW) and allow optimisation of the cycle time. A solution that guarantees high productivity, requiring only one operator.

On the stand you will be able to appreciate another news for Red Line: the so-called ST triple log splitter, an element that can exponentially increase the productivity of any firewood production plant, allowing a single operator to easily and quickly split up to 3 pieces of wood at a time.

The TLA model concludes the firewood section: its cutting head will be on the stand (‘disc’ diameter 1,500 mm). This is a machine designed to process bundles of mixed wood with different diameters and lengths.

EIMA will be a new opportunity for Pezzolato to share its DNA as an expert and passionate builder of top-class industrial machinery, aiming to consolidate its position as a successful representative of ‘Made in Italy’ worldwide.

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