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TLA and TB by Pezzolato: high performance industrial machinery for firewood production.

TLA cutting unit by Pezzolato, available in five versions and customisable with various options, is equipped with a circular saw and guarantees high performance by processing both large diameter logs and bundles of mixed logs with different diameters and lengths.
Independent TB vertical splitting unit by Pezzolato is fully automatic, is available in three versions and can process logs of any nature, producing a homogeneous output size with a significant reduction in waste compared to traditional machines.
The TLA cutting unit and the TB automatic log splitter together require only one line operator and represent the heart of dozens of Pezzolato industrial firewood plants installed worldwide.

In the video a Pezzolato system consisting of the TLA 15 cutting unit (log diameter up to 590 mm) and a TB 900 automatic log splitter (log diameter up to 900 mm). A second operator supports production with a manually fed log splitter for logs up to 30 cm in diameter. The split logs flow onto the hydraulically operated evacuation belt and are then deposited in metal baskets for the drying phase.

In the video a highly automated Pezzolato plant, consisting of the TLA 22 cutting unit (log diameter up to 850 mm) and a TB 1200 automatic log splitter (log diameter up to 1,200 mm). The same line operator also manages the swivelling and extensible evacuation belt onto which the split wood flows, and is thus able to homogeneously fill the containers for the subsequent drying phase. If the line is cutting bundles of mixed logs with a small diameter, two additional manually fed log splitters support the splitting activity.

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