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Small or large firewood? Single log or logs bundle ? The answer is only one: Pezzolato’s TLC!

Small or large firewood? Single log or logs bundle? The answer is only one: Pezzolato’s TLC! 


The TLC 1.100 is one of the most versatile and performing machines of the Pezzolato Red Line.

Although it was designed to work medium-large logs, it can guarantee excellent results even when working with bundles of logs with heterogeneous diameters and shapes.

Characterized by a cut disc unit with hydraulic drive and an integrated log splitter, it allows, even with a single operator, to process different types of material and to obtain firewood of different sizes. From the control panel, the operator can manually or automatically choose the length of the cut, the splitting grid, how to manage the scrap, and when to activate the log loader.

Here you can find the main characteristics and descriptive videos of the plants of two customers who use it with very different incoming material and final products.

The first case examined is that of Gerbotto Antonio & C. in the province of Cuneo (Italy). The company’s TLC 1,100 is mainly dedicated to the production of firewood for domestic use, from small and medium-diameter logs of beech.

The second case is Angelini Truck and Wood, plant located in the province of Sondrio (Italy).
The company’s TLC 1.100, in this specific case, produces firewood for pizzerias (smaller size of firewood than that used in homes), from logs of medium-large diameter (up to 440 mm in diameter). This plant has been customized with an additional “ST triple log splitter”, which allows a single operator to triple productivity. The operator can simultaneously load and split pieces of wood with different dimensions inside the loading hoppers, reducing the times of processing and consequently increasing productivity exponentially

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