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Pezzolato PTH 900: the most popular chipper for contractors and forestry and urban landscapers.

Are you tired of having to wait for a skilled company to produce wood chips from logs and branches? Are you looking for a new source of income to diversify your business? Would you like to invest in the agricultural/forestry and renewable energy sector using incentives and funding? Pezzolato has the solution you are looking for!

When the volume of wood to be chipped becomes larger and larger, you need to equip yourself with robust, reliable and powerful machines able to process large quantities of biomass in a short time, producing high-quality wood chips that can be used for large power plants or small boilers (where a homogenous grain size is required).

Pezzolato, the leading Italian company in the production of professional chippers, offers to wood chip producers, contractors and maintainers of large woodland or urban green areas, one of its ‘best seller’ machines  in the medium-high power range, available in three versions: PTH700, PTH 900 and PTH 1200.

These machines can be driven by the PTO of the tractor from 100 to 300 hp or by a dedicated motor.
As all other Pezzolato chippers, these machines have a cone-shaped in-feed design, a feature that, combined with the top roller that can fully open, allows even very bulky logs and twigs to be processed efficiently, increasing productivity.

The closed in-feed chain carries the material to be chipped up to the counter-knife, a design feature that eliminates the problem of ‘wasted material’ accumulating under the machine after each move, thus avoiding the need to slow down for site cleaning.

The large-diameter fan, mounted directly on the main shaft, allows good expulsion of wood chips even at low engine speeds and with wet material (such as that produced by green maintenance operations), as well as eliminating dust.

Another plus of these machines is the drop counter-knife: a system that minimises any damage caused by the accidental insertion of foreign bodies (not biomass) inside the chipper.

The  video shows a Pezzolato PTH 900, used in biomass chipping operations ( forestry maintenance)

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